Monday, September 28, 2009

The Fair and Soccer…. again.

Ave had her second soccer game on Saturday. She wasn’t really all that interested in playing. It may have been due to the fact that she found her phone in my purse and also that I brought her a chair to sit in this time, and she also likes her baby dolls way more than anything else.001



No, she’s not running. just standing there with her shirt up. 006

Maybe she’ll like it next week. If not, she’ll be sleeping with the soccer ball and practicing 4 hours a day! (just kidding, I’m not “that” mom)

After her game, I was going to take her to the lake, but she fell asleep and took a good nap, so we didn’t go. But I did tell her that I would take her to the rodeo and fair at Glenwood, and she didn’t let me forget. She had a much better fair experience this time around and was glad that she got to see her Granny and Sarah and her “best cousin friend” Seth =)





I would also like to share a quick little story from this morning about Ave’s “sleep talking”. She always talks in her sleep, but I think I might be a little worried about this one. She says: “I do want one. I do want a boyfriend!”  So, whoever has been talking to her about a boyfriend, needs to stop. please. at least until she’s 32. thanks.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Fair and Soccer

First of all, Daddy came home! He surprised us on Wednesday morning and we are soo happy to have him home!

Friday we decided to take Ave to the fair. In my opinion, the fair was bleh. and the rides were just pitiful looking. maybe it’s always been like that and I’ve just lost that little kid magic that the fair used to be. or maybe it’s because carnies really are scary. anywho, we spent $20 on some tickets so Ave could ride the rides. She had a good time and I guess that’s all that matters right? She had a great time in the big inflatable bounce house. until it DEFLATED while she was inside of it!! It was a super scary moment for me and she just says that it scared her “just a lil’ bit”. Luckily there were only 5 or 6 kids in it when it deflated and everyone got out unscathed. still, scary. Billy reattached the hose that had come undone and it inflated again. and the carnies were still trying to figure out why it had deflated in the first place, they never saw Billy fix it.  She really liked looking at the animals too and wanted to buy stuff in the arts and crafts building. cause she thought it was a store =) After the fair we took her to play on the caboose that is at the Clark County Historical Museum. because she was reeeaaallly upset that we couldn’t stay at the fair. and then we went and checked out the new Mexican food restaurant. It was pretty good. not bad, not great. By this time, Ave was ready for bed so we came home and went to bed because we had to get up early for her SOCCER GAME!

She had fun. i promise.011 Yes, I did put my child in a cage.019Getting ready to go down the super fast slide. 027

Except it wasn’t fast at all.029

So she went by herself. and got stuck.032

Little did she know…035

and also, I’m thinking of getting my hair cut like this. thoughts? 042


Saturday morning, she had her first ever soccer game. her first ever soccer anything really, cause their practice got cancelled for the week. It was entertaining. She was a little nervous at first and told me that it was getting late so we should go home =) She didn’t actually do a whole lot of kicking the ball. except for one time and she did a great job! It think she started to sort of get the concept near the end of the game. But she had fun chasing after the ball or maybe she was just running because all the other kids were running =)

How cute is she?043

She likes to sit on the ball053

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tiny Dancer

After much anticipation, Ave started dance class today! ummm, can I just say that little girls trying to learn to dance is the cutest thing ever! She was a little nervous throughout, but still had fun. She started to cry when it was over, but i think she understands that she has to wait  a few days before she goes back. I asked her afterwards if she learned alot and her answer was “I don’t know” =) then she said that dance class makes her happy =) I’m so glad she likes it! I hope soccer will make her happy too, her first practice is tomorrow. Here are a few pictures and a short video of the tiny dancer.

032026 027 029

We love you Daddy, can’t wait for you to be home!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wonder Hanger Shwonder Hanger

Strong Enough to Hold 5 Winter Coats

Know why they’re called Wonder Hanger? Because people “wonder” why they wasted their money on them! It says this on the website : Strong Enough to Hold 5 Winter Coats! no. they are definitely not. I have the mess of 5 Winter Coats toddler clothes in the floor to prove it.

That is all.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweet Girl

So my toilet is working today, and I’m also not afraid to turn my dryer on now.  Why wasn’t my toilet working, you ask? Maybe because when I was taking a shower (and not really paying attention to the toilet flushing numerous times) Ave managed to flush an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper. one of those super mega triple rolls. neat. and she said “I went poopoo all by myself! Give me a five!”  And why was I afraid to turn the dryer on? That could be due to the fact that the day before, that same sweet little girl managed to dump numerous scoops of laundry detergent into said dryer. I managed to scoop a lot of out to use later (because well, that stuff’s not really all that cheap) and then used the vacum hose to get the rest of it. and she said “I washed your clothes mommy!” neat.   And while we’re on the subject of that sweet little girl, how is this for sweet: She woke up in a great mood the other morning and gives me the biggest hug and said she needed some kisses, and says her usual “I love you so much in the whole world” . While she is laying there with those sweet little arms wrapped around my neck, she toots. super loud. and she said “ Does my poot make you happy?” and I guess it did, because it still makes me laugh. and another thing, whenever she is getting antsy in her carseat, I tell her to look out the window for some cows. Well, now whenever I give her a look or catch her doing something she’s not supposed to be doing, she says to me “Don’t look at me, Go look for some cows” she’s a funny girl. and I heart her so much in the whole world =)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Best Dip—EVAH!



So I don’t normally participate in these little blog tour things, but I saw where BooMama was hosting a DipTacular in honor of the ever anticipated SEC season (and the other football conferences too i guess)and I just couldn’t let this chance pass me by to share one of the best dips I’ve ever eaten! I got this recipe from a good friend, Anna, so I call it….

Anna’s Awesome Cucumber Dip

1/3 cup REAL mayo, no messing around with that miracle whip stuff

1 block of (8oz) cream cheese, I usually use low fat or sometimes fat free to make up for the REAL mayo, but feel free to use the good stuff.

1 cucumber, deseeded <—That’s important. and chopped (sometimes I don’t use a whole cucumber. because I eat half of it whilst making the dip.)

1 package of Zesty Italian Dressing Mix

That’s it. Just mix it all together really well, chill it (or not) and eat it! It’s really good with Stacy’s Pita Chips. really good. like addictive good. so good that you should go ahead and double or even triple the recipe.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What we’ve been up to…

umm nothing, really. Except hanging out outside enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather. and arguing. between Ave and me. some of that arguing resulted in a trash bag of toys that are now hiding in the closet. but only because I tried to get her to pick them up for three days. with no luck. I'm thinking maybe she's missing her Daddy since he went to Nebraska. I miss him too, but I didn't get a whole new bad attitude when he left. she did. and I mean bad. like fall-out-screaming-at-the-TOP-of-her-lungs-and-throwing-things-when-she-doesn't-get-her-way-everytime-bad. but, as of today, it seems as if things are starting to straighten out. and we only managed to have one of those huge fits. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. there have been fun times here and there. but I'm sure my neighbors are wondering if I'm beating my child. because of all the fits she has thrown outside. and maybe inside, I'm sure they can hear those too.

On another happier note, i got the approval letter today saying I could set up at the Hot Springs Arts &amp; Crafts Fair. good thing too, cause I'm really gonna be needing to get rid of all of these bows that are surrounding me. and start creating all kinds of fun dresses with all this fabric.

So here are some pictures.

This is what happens when you get a carpet burn. and then the next day, get really mad that the battery is dead on your powerwheels barbie car and try to run off in a screaming fit, but instead face plant into the grass.001

and this is what a nice mommy does. because you wanted a “big band-aid. 004

and because I signed her up for soccer and  thought she should actually know what a soccer ball is, we bought this fun pink one. she’s starting to get the hang of it.007

sometimes you just need to dress up like a princess/cheerleader and sit in a bucket and shoot dirty looks at your mom.145


and then completely ignore her 153


and we stalked this guy today. in the plants on the back porch. he was pretty neat.






and I won’t post any more of the lizard. cause I took a million.

We love you and miss you Daddy! Can’t wait for you to come home!!