Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I love this! Be sure to watch both of them in full screen mode. I couldn’t get the rest of them to load.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yeah so, I’m not a good blogger.

Now that we got that out of the way, I’ll update with what we’ve been up to the past month. Billy was home for a month and has since gone back to Houston to work. =( We miss you Daddy!) We spent three of the four weekends in Texas.  One weekend in Jasper for one of Billy’s friend’s wedding, one weekend in Arlington and Weatherford for Thanksgiving, and one weekend in Canton with Mother for shopping. So needless to say, it is nice to be home for a minute. I’ll spare details and post pictures. I do want to document a few conversations with Ave this past week.

Convo #1.  I’m sitting at my sewing desk and Ave is laying in the floor quietly. Obviously thinking hard, judging from what she asks me. Ave: “Who made me?”  Me: “What"?”  Ave: “Did you sew me?” Me: “ummm, no, mommy didn’t sew you.” Ave: “Who makes me?” Me: “God made you. He made everybody” Ave: “But I didn’t die” Me: “No, you didn’t. but God made you and gave you to me” Ave: “ Ella’s in Heaven with Granny Lou. Granny Lou eats candy allll the time!”  (she has a picture of her sitting with Granny Lou and they were eating candy. Anytime we talk about Granny Lou, she says this) End of that conversation.

Convo #2.  We’re watching tv. Ave: “Mommy what do you want for Christmas?” Me: “A million dollars”  long pause.   Ave: “Santa doesn’t have dollars. He just has toys. Do you want a toy?”   =)

Convo #3.  Really just a statement from Ave. because I didn’t reply to her. because I was wondering why she doesn’t act like a three year old sometimes. Ave: “I don’t want anything from Santa. I’m gonna be mean tomorrow.”  (for the record, she has been really nice today)

Prepare for Picture Overload.

Billy put a lift kit on his truck. I think the next step will be trading it in for a semi. =)003

This is our house all decorated with lights. lights that work no longer than four hours and then blow a fuse. they are not on tonight. 047 046This is not our house. But  I love their lights every year! If you’re in the Kirby area, go down Camp Tula road. Ave said they were Amazing!037 011038

The one picture I took in Canton. I don’t recommend staying at the Silver Spur Inn on the Mountain. and if you’ve never been to Canton, TX to shop. Go.  It’s an experience.027

Part of our little Christmas tree. I miss my big one.  (did I mention that Billy got me a new camera? I love it!)Thanksgiving 09 006Thanksgiving 09 009


Ave on Thanksgiving before the drive to Arlington. Thanksgiving 09 013

Such the little lady.Thanksgiving 09 027

Playing cards with Uncle Kevin. They look serious.Thanksgiving 09 050Thanksgiving 09 042

I think she won.Thanksgiving 09 051

Hanging out with her cousins Marlee and Chasey.Thanksgiving 09 088

Sarah and Cooper. Cutest boy ever!Thanksgiving 09 094

Makeover anyone?Thanksgiving 09 112Thanksgiving 09 110Thanksgiving 09 117

Hanging out with Aunt Julie  Thanksgiving 09 136

Hrabal grandkids. i do love having my picture made whilst in pajamas.Thanksgiving 09 194

Ave with cousins Austin and BrennanThanksgiving 09 221

Love her face in this one! With her cousin Peyton.Thanksgiving 09 413

and last but not least, one of Marley Jane in her new favorite napping spot.043

I have a ton more pictures but, I’ll spare you. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! and hopefully I’ll post more this month =)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

14 Pictures of Avery

It was a  Beautiful day today! I had some dresses left over from the craft fair that I needed to take pictures of to list them on Etsy and Ave was in a cooperative mood, so we had a little photo shoot. The last dress is my favorite! So I guess I’ll actually keep one for her finally. =)004008













Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We skipped Arkadelphia this year and headed to the big town of New Hope to go trick or treating with Seth, the rodeo clown. She was going to be the cutest spider ever! but then she saw princess costumes at wal mart and decided that she could be nothing else but a princess. I’ve had a bridesmaid dress hanging in the closet forever thinking that i might be able to get some of my $395 back by selling it, but have been unsuccessful in doing so. sooo, i started cutting and sewing and it turned out to be a pretty cute princess costume. Marley Jane got one too =)  Here are a few pictures. I would post more, but Avery is seriously sitting in the middle of the floor consuming mass amounts of chocolate. and we’re probably about to get in a fight. because I’m going to take it away from her. (and I will probably eat it later. muahhahhhh <---that’s my evil laugh)


074 075




Poor Sam…



Monday, October 26, 2009

Queen Wilhelmina

I realize my last post was super sad and then I didn’t post anything for a week, but everytime I started to, I saw on the side where it says “recently posted” and “My Ella” just kept jumping out at me and I would get depressed all over again. Man I miss that dog!! =(

K, I’ll stop.

Every year around my birthday (which is tomorrow, for all of those who are sending gifts. ahem.) we always take a little day trip to Queen Wilhelmina to look at the trees and have lunch. It’s always so gorgeous and this year didn’t disappoint. God has an amazing paintbrush!

Kane and Grant climbing down the tower.003

Yes, that’s my ave climbing up with Sarah and Seth. because I was too chicken. 006

Kane bringing her back down.010 Picnicking with Grant and Kane.012

There are several shots of Ave, Seth,and Emma like this. but this one was favorite. because of Grant’s face in the background! they were playing football.016

I’m glad I could get a shot of everyone looking at the camera…026



Emma PaPaw and Ave030

Soooo excited about riding the train!031





Did I mention that the it was a “haunted” train ride? poor baby.039

I was trying to get the same picture I got of her LAST YEAR in the same spot, but she wouldn’t stand up. I think this one will suffice048





And then we stopped by a “zoo” at the bottom of the mountain. Deliverance. That’s all I’m sayin’. (insert banjo music here)