Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ave's "Practice" Cake and Agnes.

So I guess maybe I've kinda sorta started a tradition for Ave's birthday. What is that tradition you ask? Practice cakes. Yes, I make a practice cake a few days before the actual b-day party cake. just to make sure it's going to look okay. and to figure out if I need to do anything differently in the making of the grand finale cake. But who doesn't love cake!? Anywho, here is a picture of this year's practice cake! The theme is Luau. I think it turned out okay. although on the finale, I'm not going to try to mix green with blue in the waterfall. kinda turned out more "swampy" than tropical. and also, I'm going to make rocks out of fondant instead of using the crystal looking ones. and also I am going to try not to eat so many of these while constructing the tiki fence. because I ran out. and what you don't know,is that the back of the cake is fenceless =)

And just for a little scare, i will include a couple pictures of Ugly Agnes. While I was making this cute little taggie doll for a friend's baby,
Ave really really really wanted me to make her one. but she wanted hers to have hair. and eyes. and a mouth and nose. soooo we came up with Ugly Agnes.









You got scared didn't you?! But wait, she's not always sad! If you flip her over, she's a happy camper!

She kinda reminds me of that Friends episode, The one with Gladys.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She's a dancing queen!

So I think I mentioned that Ave is going to be a flower girl for Billy's cousin's upcoming wedding. Well, she really likes to wear her dress! Except she thinks that it's a dancing dress. Everytime she wants to dance, she wants to put her dress on. And everytime she wants to put her dress on, she thinks she has to dance. It's too cute, really. I am providing pictures and video to prove my point. The second picture is probably my fave!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silly Dogs

So a few days ago we noticed that the Ella and Duke had dug a pretty large hole. Nothing out of the ordinary really, they always do when they get hot. They dig a hole and lay in it. Well I guess they were super busy on this one today. I haven't figured out if they are breaking ground to build me a pool or if they have something in mind for sweet little Marley Jane ;)

I think she was pretty proud of herself

Doh! That's what I always think when I look at him =)
I would guesstimate that it was three foot long and a foot across. and super deep!
Pretty sure they lost some toys in there. No way in heck was I sticking my arm down there to get them!

Ella whining for said toys

I know you're jealous of my super exciting life =)

Hrabal Reunion

We went to the Hrabal Family Reunion this past weekend. This was the first time I have been. It was a fun time. We left Arkadoo Friday afternoon and drove ( well, Billy drove) to Arlington to Billy's grandparents' house. We stayed there Friday night. Saturday morning, his cousin and his fiance came over with a couple of dresses for Ave to try on. She is going to be the flower girl in their wedding on August 1st in Fort Worth. She looks adorable in her little princess dress =) After trying on the dresses, we left out for the reunion in West, Texas. We stopped and got some breakfast at this neat little bakery. It was pretty much awesome. After making a few turns down some little roads by some wheat(at least I think it was wheat) fields, we arrived at the reunion. There was great food. There was an auction. and a raffle. of random items that each family member donated. and I do mean random! there was bbq sauce, homemade wine, plants, unwanted Christmas gifts, and the list goes on. Since joining the Hrabal family, I have always heard stories about the famous Hrabal Reunion Pickles. and that it's the only place one can get a jar of pickles for upwards of $100. We got a steal and only paid $40. It was a small jar though =) They are good pickles. After the reunion, we stayed at the Czech Inn with Billy's parents and his uncle Mark and his wife and kids, Sarah and Chasey and Colton. Ave had the best time playing with them! We headed for home around 10:30 Sunday morning and made it home around 3, so not too long of a drive. Billy left yesterday for Pine Bluff and will be working there all week this week, so it's just me and Ave. We're going to babysit Cadie Belle tomorrow while Shannon and Anthony close on the selling of their house. They are moving right up the road from us. I AM EXCITED! But just because now I won't have to drive allll the way to the other side of the world to Joan to see her. I will actually be able to WALK to their new house! Yay!
anywho, here are the few pics I took this weekend before my camera died
Don (Billy's dad) calling out raffle ticket numbers. He doesn't always wear super cool rainbow suspenders. Apparantly, it is a tradition for the Hrabal men to wear the super cool rainbow suspenders at the reunion.
Our favorite boy bidding on the pickles in the auction
Avery displaying one of the items up for bid in the auction
Cutest girl ever

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Sixth of July!

So I'm a little late on posting about our Fourth. Hope everyone had a great one and remembered all of those who fought and are fighting for our freedom!
We had a fairly busy weekend. Friday, Ave and I went to my parents' house for a yard sale (yes, I know I said never again) We had a fun day hanging out there. We got back to Arkadoo around 5ish and got our stuff together and went to Fordyce to spend the weekend with Billy's parents. We tore down a greenhouse (well, I mostly watched) , bought loads of fireworks to shoot, and cooked some great food on the grill. Billy's friend Jeremy brought his little girl Maddie over on Saturday. She and Ave had THE best time playing together all day, and they really enjoyed the fireworks. We left Fordyce Sunday afternoon and then we went to Murfreesboro for Ave's cousin Seth's birthday party at the waterpark there. (and wow, that was probably the worst constructed sentence ever!) It was a great party and Ave said she had a fun day. Today we went to the good ol' dollar tree and bought some more decorations for Ave's birthday party. She is soooo looking forward to it! I bet you would like to see some pictures from our weekend. But that's too bad. because this girl forgot her camera at home all weekend. So, no pics unless I can snag some from some other people =) Have a great night everyone!