Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just some pics...

Avery is at her Ma and PaPaw's house until the weekend, which makes for a veeerrryyy quite house. I took these pics a few days ago and am just now getting them on the computer, so I thought I would share.

Painting her baby's toes =)
It looks like she's running super fast!
I thought this outfit was super cute...
...but she liked these shoes better =)

Love you Daddy! =)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Avery & Cadie

I had to post this picture of Ave helping out her little buddy Cadie =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ave's First Trip to the Zoo!

Ave made her first trip to the zoo today! Shannon, Cadie, Ave and I drove up to Little Rock and met up with Kristen at her new house (which is awesome!) and then headed to the Zoo. It was a great day, weather-wise as well as behavior-wise ;) I really think she had a great time and has been talking about it non-stop since we got home. She has also been "growling" at me since we got home. At first, all she wanted to do was find the giraffes. We would stop to look at an animal and she would say "I wanna see the giraffes" We finally found them when we stopped to eat. I'm so glad the train was running today, she rode it twice thanks to Aunt Kristen! She loves choochoo trains! She also rode a carnival ride, that was also a first. It made me a little nervous, but she loved it! We left around 4:00 and I think she was passed out by 4:10. Here are some pics of our day, enjoy! (Warning: Picture overload)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just a short video...

Yay for Spring! We played outside this evening when we got home and it was wonderful! I am mainly posting this video to show you Ave's outfit of choice. This past week, she has really been into wanting to get dressed all by herself. As you will see from the video, it's quite amusing at times =)
(We love and miss you Daddy!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

"I'm Avery May Hrabal"

Just a couple of random Avery sayings...
I was trying to get her to pick her toys up and after about the millionth time of telling her, I took her into her room and firmly told her that she was going to pick up her toys before we did anything else. This was her sweet reply... " I not clean up, I'm Avery May Hrabal!"

The other night she tooted and giggled as usual, then says " I smell like a mailman!" I don't know where she comes up with this stuff.

One of her new favorite phrases-- "Check it out" =)

She has also picked up the word "ain't" and it really bothers me, I correct her everytime I hear her say it, but I'm beginning to think if maybe I ignore it, she'll quit saying it.

This is a really sweet/sad Avery story.... We took Marley Jane to the vet the other morning (to drop her off for her de-womanizing surgery) and I didn't take into consideration that Ave wouldn't understand why we were leaving "her best friend ever" at the doctor. We went to leave and she completely melted in the floor crying! She cried all the way to daycare and was still upset when I picked her up. I tried to explain that we were going to pick her up, but she just didn't get it. When we finally got to the vet that evening, she was sooooo happy to see her buddy! She loved on her on the way home and sat and held her in the floor for the longest time when we got home. It was super cute!

This is Ave after her hair has been in a "pony" all day =) The girl has got some crazy hair!

P.S. We love you and miss you very very very much Daddy! =)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I noticed I went the whole month of February without a single post. oops! We really haven't been up to much. Billy came home mid month, but is getting ready to head out again on the tenth to Billings, Montana. =( Ave is turning into quite the bossy little lady lately. (who am I kidding? Really, she's always been bossy) She talks pretty much non-stop, and wow, does she have a country accent! She has finally stopped hiding in the closet to go poop and is actually using the potty! Now we just have to work on getting through the night with a dry pull-up and we will be completely potty trained! Woohoo! (on a sidenote, she did wake up this morning and her pull-up was dry)
I will close with some pictures and a short video. Hope all is well with everyone!
(In the video, yes, her eye is super red and a little swollen. we went to the doctor today and got some drops. she's as good as new now)
She looooves her Lego blocks! (Thanks Brennan!)
This is a frequent look I get. Followed by "Leave me alone." or "You're not my best friend ever, Daddy's my best friend ever!"

Oh! I almost forgot about Cadie Belle! One of my best friends, Shannon had her baby girl on Monday, Feb. 23rd. She is an absolute doll! Avery made friends with Shannon's nephew when we went to visit. I thought this picture was too cute!