Monday, June 29, 2009

We heart the waterlake.

We got this boat the week we got back

Which made this boy really happy

So we have been doing a lot of this (p.s. this lifejacket is called a Puddlejumper, and it is THE best lifejacket EVER! It was only $15 at WalMart!)

and this.

And this is just a picture of my beautiful Hibiscus (or biscuit as Ave calls it)

We really have been to the lake pretty much every day, and it's been grrrreat! Ave likes to argue about what it's called everytime we go. We say "we're going to the lake!" she says "no, we're going to the waterlake!" (over and over again) Also, when you're ready to go home and your child asks "where we going?" Don't try to be all gangsta and tell her "we're going to the hizzy wizzy" It will break her heart when you pull into the driveway. because she wanted to go to the hizzy wizzy. It does sound like a fun place huh?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A stopping point ***Picture Update***

Umm, okay, I know we have been home for about a week now and I left y'all hanging at that big hole in the ground. Well that hole in the ground was the Grand Canyon or the Grand Can, as Ave calls it. If you have never been, GO! It is absolutely magnificant! Pictures do not do it justice in any way (speaking of pictures, I will post some later. they are all uploaded to the laptop and I am not posting this from the laptop, sooo, pictures will come later) We planned to go to the Grand Can and then stay the night at an RV park that I found on the internet. This RV park was about 30 miles away from the actual canyon. I was unaware that there were RV parks in Tusayan, the little town at the starting point of the Grand Canyon. I was aware that one could camp inside the park, but I figured all those sites were already booked. So, BedRock City RV and Theme Park it was! not. It was Flintstones themed. There was a giant wooden Fred welcoming us. There was also a "theme park" behind this huge rock wall. We didn't venture to the "theme park" but judging from what was on this side of the rock wall, we concluded that it consisted of broken down dinosaur rides. We unhooked the camper and left it there with the other campers. or lifelong residents as it seemed. and proceeded to the Grand Can. We parked and walked one of the trails. As I mentioned before, it was awesome! Although, it was a little scary. There was nothing separating us from a mile long fall into the canyons below. and with a an almost three year old, and a husband who liked to get just a liiiiittle too close to the edge, I was on edge! We took loads of pictures, and Ave even posed Bobby (her stuffed horse that she's had since she was about six months old) for pictures. too cute.We hiked to the visitor center and checked stuff out there. After buying some water and some too expensive batteries for the camera, it was time to hike back to the truck. IN THE RAIN. boo. We could have taken a shuttle.but somebody didn't want to. (that someone wasn't me) So after hiking it back in the rain and dodging the lightening, we made it back to the truck. We then went in search for something to eat and ended up at a place called Spaghetti Western. It was decorated in western decor and served "italian" food. For only $57, we (sort of) enjoyed a grilled cheese, a small pizza, and a chicken dish. neat-o. After our fine dining experience, we headed back to the camper. After much, or not so much, contemplating, we decided to hook up and head out. We then drove. and drove. and drove. And then stopped at a KOA for a little rest. I was a little sad that we drove through the painted desert at night. I really wanted to see it. and the Petrified Forest. oh well. Thursday, was a driving day. ALL day. Billy finally worked up the nerve to let me drive around Albuquerque. and then we took turns driving the rest of the way home. really I only drove a few hundred miles, but whatev. We rolled in to good ol' Arkadoo around 3am Friday morning. Home sweet home! Although, I would have loved to stay gone a liiiitle bit longer, it is nice to be home!
OHH, and I did get to go to Vegas that one night. with a sleeping Ave in the backseat. and a husband who really didn't want to be there. fun times I tell ya!

******* I updated with some pictures********

See, told ya there was a giant Fred.

What I didn't tell you, was that there was a Wilma's Laundry.
and also a Buffalo Lodge.

Bobby visits the Grand Can.

Please excuse poor Bobby's ears. He's had a rough life.
Avery and Bobby

Avery and Daddy

The Grand Can

We saw these guys on the side of the road as we were leaving the park. I was the chosen one to get out of the truck and trompse into the woods to take pictures of them.

A rainbow somewhere in Arizona

The cutest girl in the world at the Grand Can =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our little trip...Day 6

If I were standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona, it would probably be easy to blog. But, since we are driving down a bumpy interstate in Winslow Arizona, I'm going to wait and update whenever we find a stopping point. I will give a teaser though, we went to see a HUGE hole in the ground today. =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our little trip...Day 5

We went to the Hoover Dam today. It was interesting. and really big. We went on a tour. and heard lots of dam jokes. and we made some dam jokes as well. It was also really hot. There is a new bridge being built, the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, it is going to be huge! I thought that was pretty neat. We are 20 miles away from Vegas. I reeeaaalllyyy want to go. Billy does not. Still holding out on going though. That's about it from day five. If we go to Vegas, I'll let ya know! Here are some pictures and couple videos from today...

Ave playing with rocks

A view of Lake Mead from our camp
Another view
Hoover Dam

Ave ready to leave the dam

Avery and Daddy

The new bridge construction

Hoover Dam

Avery and Billy on the dam tour
The generators inside the dam

Monday, June 15, 2009


yeah, nevermind, i'm not editing the previous post, so here are some pictures of the Lake Mead swimming day =)

Our little trip... Day 4

We started today at 5. that's am, not pm. And we drove across the Mojave Desert. it was really boring. really. It was pretty, but after four or five hours of the SAME scenery, one can only find so many ways to angle the camera to get different looking shots. Yes, I took lots of pictures of the land. a lot. After driving for what seemed like eternity and seeing no water (there were a couple times that I thought I saw bodies of water. I was informed that it was a dusty haze. I'm still not convinced), we arrived at Lake Mead. It is a beautiful place! (aside from all the trash at the lake's edge) We are camped right on the lake with a gorgeous view. Ave and Billy went swimming, I did not, but I did take pictures, and as soon as I get them on the computer, I will edit this post. Tomorrow, we plan to take a dam tour. A Hoover Dam tour. I'm excited! I really want to ask where I can get some dam bait =) Billy and Ave are asleep, they laid down to take a nap, but I think they're out for the night, and I'm bored! Here are some pics of sunrise on the Mojave...

I took this one as Billy ws washing the windshield, I think it's pretty neat.

That's it for now folks, stay tuned for scenes from the coming days!

Our little trip... Day 3

From the time we boarded the plane in Little Rock, Ave talked about wanting to "see some aminals at the thoo". I looked up the closest zoo to us, and on Sunday we took her to the Oakland Zoo. After a little trip through what might have been the ghetto (thank you gps lady) we arrived. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a great zoo. We rode the sky ride (think ski lift over the zoo) and got a great view of all the animals. I think Ave's favorite were the lizards and snakes. yes i know, blech. We had a great time, and I found out a few hours later, that I had gotten a real nice sunburn. Oh,before we went to the zoo, we went to a flea-market. I was disappointed I didn't find anything. Billy bought some sort of tool and Ave got a blow up Dora doll (that has since deflated)
After the zoo trip, we went back to the camper and Billy broke everything down, hooked up, and we headed out. We drove for about six hours before we stopped for the night. We stayed in Tehachapi. I don't know how to pronounce that word. It was a neat looking town and had windmills EVERYWHERE. Here are a few pics from day 3...

Ave and Daddy on the sky ride

Ave excited about petting a goat. She said they were PaPaw's goats.

Super excited about Dora
Waving to the camels on the sky ride

Amazed by the sickeningly (<--that's a word, i just made it up) long snake.
I took a million pictures of the landscape, but I'll spare you and just let you watch a short video of it (in which Billy hints at the fact that maybe I've taken too many pictures of said landscape)