Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

So I just had this whole year-in-review blog written and my stupid computer decided to just turn off. I may or may not have shouted at it and left Ave wondering what was wrong with her momma. I don’t feel like rewriting it. In short, I felt like 2009 went by way too fast! It was over-all a good year. I quit work in April and have been home with Ave. There are pluses and minuses to that, although the pluses greatly outweigh the minuses.  We flew out to San Francisco in June and vacationed it back home, it was a fun trip. Spent a lot of time at the lake during the summer and hope to spend even more time this summer. We made a few trips to Texas for weddings, reunion, and holidays.  Christmas was great this year. Ave only wanted two things from Santa, an Ariel doll and a kitty. Santa left two kitties! (and umm, don’t really know where they are right now, haven’t seen them today and it’s 3:00…. she hasn’t noticed yet, so I’m hoping they show up pretty soon) She was really creative with their names. The girl kitty is Daisy May. Funny, Granny and PaPaw have a kitty named Daisy May. The boy one is Fubby. I have no clue where she came up with that one. This past week two new “people” have joined our lives, Siggy and Olivia. Siggy is Ave’s boyfriend and Olivia started out as Siggy’s sister, but is now Ave’s sister. They’ve been hanging out pretty much every day and even sleep on the couch. Good thing they’re imaginary. And I also have no clue where she came up with those names, we know NO ONE with those names!  It really does amaze me how “real” they are to her.  They even played in the snow with her this morning. We had to wait on them to get their coats and boots on before we could go outside. And apparently Olivia fell when she was putting her boots on and it was hilarious! I’ll stop now and share some pictures. Hope everyone has had a great start to 2010!

My family126

Christmas morning192


Had to take a little detour to get to Fordyce. 193

Santa left her kitties at Maw and PawPaw’s house201

My sweet girls =)204

By the  looks on their faces, I think the poker was a little serious at this point256

My winnings!  (and I was trying to be artsy with my camera)278


Marley Jane sticking her tongue out314

Avery and Brennan332

Catching snow on her tongue002

She had just thrown a snowball at “olivia”003