Thursday, May 28, 2009

ahem, just updating... again.

Once again, I'm updating after three weeks of nothing! We really haven't been up to much, just hanging out and enjoying the days without RAIN! This past weekend we went to Dierks to see the three Smith cousins that were graduating, Congrats to HaylieRae, Hope, and Tyler! It seems like they should still be babies, guess that means I'm getting older huh? Saturday, we went to the graduation/birthday celebration, it was great to see everyone! Great food, old picture albums, fireworks, and one big crazy family. fun times! The rest of the week has been pretty low-key, just working on some May Belle's orders, and getting some flowers in their new potted homes, or "working in the dirt" as Ave would say, she even had a little song for it =) Tomorrow we're going to help Uncle Kevin move into his new apartment and Ave is going to spend the weekend with Ma and PawPaw, I don't know what I'm going to do all by myself! Probably just clean her room, and yes the way it looks, it will indeed take the whole weekend to get it done! Anyway, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Gabby and Ave @ Graduation

The Graduates: HaylieRae, Tyler, Hope

Amazing how entertaining plain ol' dirt can be!

These next pictures were taken at Granny and PaPaw's, she loves the chickens!

Ave trying to catch a baby chick (it's in the lower right of the pic)

Sneaking up on them =)

Feeding them some bread

She actually touched one! (just didn't get it on film)

We babysat Seth a few days last week. It's just too bad that I didn't get any pictures of him the first day they got in the pool! He didn't have any swim trunks and the water was pretty chilly even after I put the warm water in, so I dressed him in one of Ave's swim bottoms and he was wearin the pink hat that Ave is wearing in these pictures. Maybe he wasn't traumatized too much =)

Poor Marley Jane, this is her post when she wants to come inside, she will stand and stare at us through the window until we acknowledge her, pretty cute. and a little scary, the porch is pretty high off the ground!

Ave: Take my picture, take my picture! I wanna show it to Daddy!

Melts my heart!

We love you Daddy! See you in 15 days!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A little catch-up

So I see it's been three weeks since I've updated this thing. It may be due to the fact that the main topic of this blog (ahem, avery may hrabal) has been driving me batty! Just kidding. not really though =). I quit my job two weeks ago to stay home with the little poot head. It's been an experience and we are trying to adjust to the new routine. We are having lots of fun. when we're not arguing over who's going to clean up her messes. I guess she thinks it's a fun game to make me ask her 1,927,284 times to take all 527 baby dolls back into her bedroom after she's put them down for a nap in the living room and forgotten about them.poor babies. We are going to fly out to CA soon to see Billy (We miss you Daddy!), but it's not soon enough for ave. Everyday, she asks me "We gonna get on the airplane? Go see Daddy?" If we're getting ready to leave the house, for anything, even putting shoes on to go check the mail, "we gonna get on the airplane?" I'm afraid she may be disappointed when we actually do get on the airplane. See, she thinks "the kids" a.k.a Jon & Kate Plus 8, are going with us. The girl loves that show, and if we ever do any of the things that they have done, she refers to "the kids". This is the episode that gave her that idea. Anywho, here are a couple pictures of the miss independent almost three year old.

Checking out her eggs at Easter

Riding on Maw and Pawpaw's new boat

This only took two days to wear off. I walked in her room as she was in the process of doing this. Me: Ave what are you doing?
Ave: It's okay. It's jus a accident

In all fairness, she did do a good job with the red "x". maybe she was practicing writing her alphabet.

She does this when I'm sewing, and she doesn't want to go to bed by herself

Cousin Seth came for a visit

Helping him out with his shoes

Sharing her pizza...

...and he bit her finger.

I heart her =)