Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Updating...

So one of my resolutions for the new year is to keep this thing updated! (starting now)
Let's see, Thanksgiving has come and gone and we had a great time visiting with family, we didn't make it to Arlington this year, hopefully we will be able to next time. Mother, Avery, and I went shopping in Canton, TX the day after Thanksgiving and came back with a new puppy for her, he's a mini dachshund who goes by the name of Sam, he's sooo cute! And that's about all we got! But it was still a good trip =)

Billy came home a few days after Thanksgiving and it's been great having him at home. We miss him so much when he's gone. He is leaving after the first of the year for another job in California =( Hopefully he won't be gone too long.

I can't believe Christmas is this week! This year has flown by so fast! We had the Smith family Christmas yesterday and it was great to get to see everyone. We will go to Mother and Daddy's on Christmas Eve, stay here at the house on Christmas day and then to Billy's parents the day after. I can't wait! I love Christmas! I'm so excited to see Ave open her presents. I haven't put any under the tree and don't plan to until Christmas morning. I decorated her bedroom with Christmas lights today before I picked her up from daycare and she absolutely loved it! "their beautiful" she said, although when she says beautiful, it sounds more like "pitiful" =) "Santa" is bringing her a hot pink mustang, I really hope she will like it. She's also getting a choo-choo train, the girl makes a choo-choo train out of anything she can find, so I know she'll love it!
Guess that's about it for now, so here are some pictures and don't forget to check out

Friday, December 12, 2008

She's A Princess

So here are a few things I have been working on and I think you should check them out! =)

She's A Princess

And I will update Ave's blog soon, promise!