Monday, January 19, 2009

Napping in the bathroom...

So when Ave decided to take a nap today, I thought I would use that time to take a long shower. Apparantly she woke up at some point and decided to continue her nap in the bathroom floor! She never made a peep, but brought her pillow, bobby, and suzie in with her. This is what I found when I got out:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hi Daddy!

We love you and miss you very very much!

"Great Awesome"

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! (six days later) Better late than never =)
Let's see, I guess will post pics of all our Christmas get-togethers, that is if I can find some pictures. I didn't take very many at all and the worst thing of all is that I didn't even have my camera out Christmas morning when Ave was opening her Santa presents. That was so cute by the way! She kept saying "Thank You Santa!" "Santa" didn't get her too many presents, I think she got just enough that she didn't get overwhelmed. I think her favorites have been her alphabet bath toys and her car. Here is a video of her driving. (and yes, she does crash into the tree at the end) They should definately put air bags in these little cars!

All the Whisenhunt grandkids (Emma, Seth, Avery, Gabby, Kane, Grant, Josie)
Avery and Papaw

Driving the mustang

Posing by her car

The new addition, Marley Jane

The Hrabal grandkids (Avery, Brennan, Austin)

Avery and Daddy wrestling

Playing with her new blocks

Opening presents at Maw and PaPa's