Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why not?

I’ve neglected this blog for long enough now. It’s January 1st, so what the hey, we’ll just start fresh! 2010 went by soooo fast! It has been so nice having Billy home for the past nine months, but he left today for a job in Corpus Christi. It’s going to take some getting used to his being gone again, but we can do it. I was crying after he left this morning and the sweetest little girl gave me a hug and said “you don’t have to cry mommy, he’s coming back one day”. She’s becoming such a little grown up these days! She just came to me and asked “ what do you want me to be when i grow up?” I said whatever you want. Her reply “ No you have to pick, a artist, a cheerweader, or a fashion show girl.” I picked artist and she decided on fashion show girl. So now, she’s going through all my fabric and pinning it together with clothes pins, making dresses =) I’m going to go play fashion show, so here are a few recent pics to enjoy








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Amber said...

Here we go, sister...
2011 is going to be our year to stay on top of these blogposts...right? Right?

Always love seeing the pictures of precious Avery and hearing what y'all are up to.